3 Reasons to Buy an Investment Property

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3 Reasons to Buy an Investment Property

Knowing where to invest your money can be downright tricky. Everybody knows about savings plans, RSP’s, IFSA’s, and the like, but does that mean that these are the best option for your hard-earned cash? For many people, an investment property is a smart decision that can help them put their money to work. Keep reading […]

Salt Water vs. Chlorine Pools

Among homeowners looking to install a swimming pool, there seems to be a great debate afoot. Salt-water pool or a chlorine pool? Picking the right option is important to many homeowners and potential buyers.   What’s the Difference? Most don’t understand the difference between salt water and standard chlorine pools. When you have a chlorine […]

5 Tips for Making Moving with Kids Easy

  The moving process can be stressful enough as it is. However, it can be even more challenging if you have kids to worry about during the move as well. The following are five moving tips to make moving with kids a less stressful experience: Have a family meeting. When you first decide to move, […]

99 Gilbank Drive: A Note from the Owners
99 Gilbank Drive: A Note from the Owners

Have you seen our listing at 99 Gilbank Drive in Aurora? It’s a home that we absolutely love! 99 Gilbank Drive is a beautiful home in Aurora. It’s been extensively renovated, most noticeably in the gourmet kitchen. If you want more of the specifics about the home just click the link above. You can get […]

Birds to Watch for This Season

Birds to Watch for This Season Aurora, Ontario is known for its beautiful natural surroundings. Many people are attracted to the town as it boasts access to parks and forests. This is certainly a huge benefit for bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts in general. If you enjoy observing birds in their natural habitat, you’ll be […]

Summer Events Taking Place in Aurora

Summer Events Taking Place in Aurora   Situated a little over 30 miles north of Toronto, the burgeoning city of Aurora has become a haven for many. The city of 55,000 residents can be found just north of Richmond Hill along Highway 404. Over the past quarter century, Aurora has seen its population doubled. Despite […]

Overview of Aurora’s Athletic Centres

Overview of Athletic Centres in Aurora Staying active in order to remain in healthy physical shape is easy for residents of Aurora. There are plenty of ways that they can stay active outdoors during the warmer months of the year. There are also a number of athletics centres in town where you’ll be able to […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Aurora

Top 5 Restaurants in Aurora If you are planning on moving to any new town, you will want to be sure to know what type of amenities you’ll be able to enjoy. For example, the types of restaurants it has to offer. Here in Aurora, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. In fact, […]

Understanding Fire Regulations

Understanding Fire Regulations for your Backyard Gatherings Now that summer is around the corner, you’re likely beginning to plan a few outdoor gatherings. However, if you plan on grilling outside, you have to be aware of the area’s fire regulations. Fire Regulations in Toronto Fire regulations do differ from one area to the next throughout […]

Buying a Home on Television Versus Reality

How Buying a Home is not what it Looks like on Television These days, there are many different shows on TV that focus on the home buying and selling process. Viewers are hooked on these programs. Although entertaining, they’re not always accurate descriptions of how the process works. In fact, buying a home in real […]