Overview of Aurora’s Athletic Centres

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Overview of Aurora’s Athletic Centres

Overview of Athletic Centres in Aurora Staying active in order to remain in healthy physical shape is easy for residents of Aurora. There are plenty of ways that they can stay active outdoors during the warmer months of the year. There are also a number of athletics centres in town where you’ll be able to […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Aurora

Top 5 Restaurants in Aurora If you are planning on moving to any new town, you will want to be sure to know what type of amenities you’ll be able to enjoy. For example, the types of restaurants it has to offer. Here in Aurora, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. In fact, […]

Understanding Fire Regulations

Understanding Fire Regulations for your Backyard Gatherings Now that summer is around the corner, you’re likely beginning to plan a few outdoor gatherings. However, if you plan on grilling outside, you have to be aware of the area’s fire regulations. Fire Regulations in Toronto Fire regulations do differ from one area to the next throughout […]

Buying a Home on Television Versus Reality

How Buying a Home is not what it Looks like on Television These days, there are many different shows on TV that focus on the home buying and selling process. Viewers are hooked on these programs. Although entertaining, they’re not always accurate descriptions of how the process works. In fact, buying a home in real […]

173 Willis Drive
A Note from the Owners: 173 Willis Drive

173 Willis Drive is for Sale in Aurora 173 Willis Drive in Aurora is one of the most sought after streets.The homes are beautiful, the neighbourhood is safe, and its close to some great schools. Here are the basics about this great piece of real estate: Bedrooms: 4+1 Washrooms: 4 Price: $1,588,000 173 Willis Drive […]

257 Warner Crescent
A Note from the Owners: 257 Warner Crescent

For Sale in Newmarket: 257 Warner Crescent 257 Warner Crescent in Newmarket is a well cared for home that is just waiting for the right family. It’s been lovingly maintained by the same family for over 20 years. Now its time for the next owners to make their own story here. Bedrooms: 3 Washrooms: 3 […]

The Top 5 Golf Courses in Aurora

The Top 5 Golf Courses in Aurora For many people, hitting the greens for a few rounds of golf during the weekend is the perfect way to relax. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or a casual player of the sport, you’ll be glad to know that there are many excellent golf courses in the […]

The Benefits of Moving North of the City

  The Benefits of Moving North of the City If you’re looking for a new place to move to, you may want to consider heading north of Toronto. Toronto has a lot to offer in term of arts, culture, amenities and opportunities, as most large cities do. However, there are distinct advantages to moving to a […]

7 Entertainment Hot Spots in Aurora

  The town of Aurora, Ontario has a lot going for it, especially when it comes to entertainment. If you’re new to Aurora and are looking for things to do, check out the following 7 entertainment hot spots. Shoeless Joe’s. Whether you’re a Maple Leafs or a Toronto Raptors fan, there’s no better place to catch […]

Schools in Aurora – The Beginner’s Guide

  What is the purpose of this guide? A beginner’s guide to schools in Aurora or your area is a fantastic tool as it is an important factor for families to consider when moving to a new home. They neighbourhood’s safety is a wise thing to consider, and the convenience of its locations.  Also, it helps […]