Buying a Home on Television Versus Reality

How Buying a Home is not what it Looks like on Television

buying a home on television versus reality

These days, there are many different shows on TV that focus on the home buying and selling process. Viewers are hooked on these programs. Although entertaining, they’re not always accurate descriptions of how the process works. In fact, buying a home in real life is rarely anything like many of these TV shows depict. The following are a few of the differences between buying a home on television versus reality:


  • The location of the home is rarely discussed. These TV shows tend to focus more on the actual property. For example the condition of the home to the features Rarely do they mention the location – even when comparing different properties. This is problematic since the location is important and has a big impact on the cost of the house. What may seem like a good deal may not be such a great deal if it’s in the middle of a crime-infested neighbourhood.
  • The REALTOR is not as involved. The REALTOR rarely seems that involved in the entire process. Sometimes the REALTOR just points out the features of a house and helps negotiate the price. In real life, REALTORS are much more involved. They sit down with the buyer to determine a want and needs list. They find numerous properties to look at; they discuss the pros and cons of them at length. REALTORS also help negotiate the closing costs as well as the final price.
  • Buyers are rarely informed in the beginning. Shows often depict buyers who have no idea what’s going on just wandering through homes. Buyers generally inform themselves before they begin the process. They do so by looking at listings online, and discussing their want and needs at length with their REALTOR.
  • Renovations are represented as being easy. Some of these shows will point out the investment potential of certain homes. However, renovations are rarely easy to make – and they often cost a lot more than one might think.
  • Back-stories are often changed. The back-story of the buyer is often changed for the show in order to make things more exciting. For example, a buyer might be depicted as having to downsize due to financial trouble. However the truth may be they are simply planning on renting their original house out. Shows make up back-stories to create more tension and excitement for the viewers.

Most of the home buying and selling shows on TV are great entertainment. It is important that one understands they do not accurately represent how the home buying or selling process actually works.



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