New Listing: 167 Carlyle Crescent

Welcome to our newest listing at 167 Carlyle Crescent in Aurora.

167 Carlyle Crescent is a 4 bedroom home that was originally 5 bedrooms. The home also has 3 bathrooms. It has a finished basement and is 2,700 square feet. It’s on a good sized corner lot on Carlyle Crescent which is one of the most sought after areas in Aurora. With good schools and a family friendly neighbourhood its a great place to be. The backyard in the summer is gorgeous. Who needs a cottage when you can hang out in your beautiful backyard?

This home is being listed for sale at $1,298,888 and is not expected to last long on the market.


Our photographer is currently putting getting everything together and photos/virtual tour will be made available once completed. In the mean time you are always welcome to reach out to us directly about this property.

For more information or to book a showing at 167 Carlyle Crescent you can call/text Barb Blaser at 905.841.6300 or email


MLS: N3729719

New Listing Coming Soon to MLS in South Aurora

We have a beautiful home coming on the market soon. We’re currently getting it ready for sale so pictures and more information will be coming soon.

This is an elegant 2-story home located on one of Aurora’s best streets. It has an open floor plan with great flow and large windows. A lot of natural light! There’s a grand circular staircase open from the basement all the way up to the second story. It has great spaces both inside and outside the home for entertaining.

The home has a new gourmet kitchen. Complete with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. You can walk out through garden doors to the large interlocking deck which has a water feature. Just wait until the weather turns!

The front and backyards have been professionally landscaped. The lot has many mature trees and perennial gardens that are both beautiful and provide privacy.

The home has a large master bedroom suite but if you wanted to you could easily retrofit to the original 5-bedroom floor plan. This home has too many upgrades to name. It’s truly a beautiful home.

Did we mention it has a finished basement with built-in cabinetry and lots of storage?


Do you want more information or to be notified when this home is available for showings? Just use the button below.


New Listing: 382 Downy Emerald Drive


Welcome to 382 Downy Emerald Drive in Bradford!

Price: $1,298,000

Bedrooms: 5

Washrooms: 4

Lot: 49.85’x114.8′

This home is an absolute gem in the Summerlyn Village by Great Gulf. It’s approximately 4,000 square feet (Oriole Model) with numerous upgrades. They include Professionally landscaped front yard. A large patio in the back and interlocked sides.

The home features 3.4″ Maple hardwood on the main level and an upgraded Maple Kitchen with Quartz counter tops. So many more upgrades to name. Watch the video or check out the photos below to see the home!


If you’d like to book a showing or get more information just reach out at or 905-727-1941.



Do I need a REALTOR When Selling my Home?

Have you ever asked yourself if you need a REALTOR when selling your home?


You’re an intelligent, well-informed, resourceful person, so you might be thinking that selling your own home is a good way to save money. Before you try selling your home yourself, however, consider a couple of questions. If you had cavity, would you treat your tooth yourself or hire a dentist? If you were facing life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, would you defend yourself or hire a lawyer? If you chose to hire professionals in those situations, why would you trust a huge financial transaction like selling a home to anyone but an experienced professional? (With that being said, we acknowledge the apparent bias of REALTORS telling you that you need a REALTOR. Even if we 100% believe it to be true!)

Realtors Can Tap Hidden Information and Resources

Lots of information about the real estate market is available in newspapers and online, but there are a variety of hidden factors that affect selling your home that are only visible to professionals who work in the market day after day. If a REALTOR doesn’t know something specific, they know someone else in the profession that does. In order the get the price for your home that you truly deserve, you’ll need the information that Realtors have that may not be available to you.

Realtors Have Expert Negotiating Skills

Negotiating the price of a home isn’t quite the same as getting a good deal on a used car or television. When large sums of money are involved with selling your home, people’s fears and anxieties emerge in strange ways, but Realtors have enough experience working with buyers to know what makes them tick. A Realtor will both know what to say and what not to say to get a buyer to move in the direction you want.

Realtors Understand the Complexities of Closing

Selling a home involves a wide range of complex documents and contracts that require specific information and timing. A single piece of missing data can prevent a sale from closing, and even non-stop studying of regulations and guidelines is unlikely to give you all the knowledge you need regarding inspections, deeds, warranties, contracts, and other documents. A Realtor can make sure all your papers are in order on your side of the transaction. There’s no price you can put on your peace of mind during the process of buying and selling homes.

Whether you’re selling a modest single-family home or a luxurious estate, a Realtor will provide support and guidance that simply isn’t available from any real estate book, magazine, or Internet search engine. Realtors operate on a strict code of ethics. You can even look up REALTORS through the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and see if any of them have had any ethical breaches. It’s all public information.

Buy a Brand New Condo in Aurora!

Want to own a brand new condo in Aurora? This is your opportunity. Our client bought a brand new 1 Bedroom + Den condo in the Aurora Arbors condo development by Brookfield. It’s a gorgeous unit. Our client is no longer going to be living there and is looking to sell her unit.

You get all the benefits of a new build without as much of the hassle. Due to current agreements in the purchase agreement we are not allowed to put too many details in the post (this is not uncommon for new condo sales, its the norm). This is whats called an assignment sale. We want to assign the purchase contract to someone else who wants to.
Since the building hasn’t been finished and our client hasn’t taken possession yet they can’t technically sell the unit the traditional way since its still owned by the developer. What’s actually happening is they are assigning their current purchase agreement to whoever wants buys it. So you’re buying their contract to buy the unit off of them. All that means really is that the paperwork you do the deal on is slightly different. You’ll still have a lawyer review it and the end result is exactly the same!

What we can tell you right now:
Its approximately 722 square feet with 1 Bedroom + Den
1 Bathroom
Breakfast Bar
Large Windows
9′ Ceilings

If you want more details about this unit please reach out to Barb Blaser at 905-841-6300 or email us at
Changes to the Mortgage Rules

Did you hear the news that the Bank of Canada changed some rules in an attempt to cool the real estate industry? Its a series of new regulations mainly aimed at the Toronto and Vancouver markets but its designed to try and help keep people financially healthy if and when the mortgage rates rise.
On October 17th, 2016 the biggest change thats coming that people will notice is the change in how they get approved for a mortgage. If you’re going to have less than 20%  downpayment on a house in Aurora then you’ll have to get approved at the posted rate.
For some, this will have a significant effect on what they can qualify for. For example, if you were only putting 5% down on a property, and depending on credit score and your debt situation, you may have qualified for $738,000. Once October 17th comes and goes then you’ll only be able to be approved for mortgage of $585,600.
These changes can be significant for some. If you plan on purchasing a home over $1,000,000 or have more than 20% down than this change does not apply to you. Homes over a million dollars or homes with 20% or more downpayment are not insured through CMHC.
That means if you want to qualify at the current rates instead of the higher posted rate you need to either have more than 20% down or be buying a home over a million.
This will have a short term effect on the townhouse market in Aurora and we will have to wait and see if it has any more than a negligible impact. It may eventually trickle up the price points and start bringing down the average price but that is not expected to be in the short term.
If you have any questions about how the changes may effect you then get it touch and we can help you out.
Want to Buy a Custom Home in Aurora?

Want to Buy a Custom Home in Aurora?

We have recently listed two custom homes for sale in Aurora. Neither has been finished yet which makes this the perfect time to buy. If you act sooner rather than later you’ll have the opportunity to buy the house of your dreams and customize the finishings.
The homes are located on Royal Road in Aurora. Royal Road is in the heart of downtown Aurora. Close to so much that Aurora has to offer. Imagine being able to get up every Saturday morning and walk to the farmers market. Then go back to your gourmet kitchen, eat some delicious pastries, and get ready to entertain friends by serving dinner made from local fresh food.
These homes on Royal Road are custom built modern contemporary homes. They are close to the GO Train Station and has high end finishings throughout the entire house. It has 10’ ceilings on the main floor to make the open concept layout even more open. The basement and second floors still have 9’ ceilings too.
Hardwood flooring with 8” baseboards are throughout the home. If you buy before the home is constructed you’ll be able to potentially choose the exact hardwood that goes into the home. The kitchen has custom cabinets and an 8’ island as well. Did we mention it was LED lighting throughout the home and on the exterior? It has top of the line appliances and an apron sink on the island with custom high end vanities with quartz countertops. There’s also a servers station with sink and wine fridge.
We haven’t even gotten to the gas fireplace in the family room, the beautiful large windows, the skylight, or the large patio doors in back. The master bedroom with his and hers walk in closets and a 6 piece ensuite master bathroom. Not to mention all the other bedrooms upstairs have their own walk in closets as well!
This home truly has it all.
If you want more information such as layouts, potential finishings, and more please reach out to us at either or call/text Marcel Gery at 416-710-1941.
Are you going to sell your home this fall?

Are you going to sell your home this fall?

You live in Aurora and want to sell your home this fall. Maybe its because home prices are up so much you want to take advantage in the busy fall market. Maybe you just need to move. If this is your plan though, now is the time to start getting ready.
Think about the timing. Most people who buy in the fall want to be settled in their new home by the holidays. This means that most of them will try to be in their new home by late November or early December. That gives them a few weeks to get settled before the holidays.
Most home sales have 60 day closings. That means that if they want to close the home they’ve sold at the end of November then you need to have a firm deal by the end of September. If you want a firm deal by the end of September then you’ll want to be listed for sale by mid-September at the latest.
The market is moving fast right now in Aurora. Homes, when priced appropriately, are selling very fast. Home owners are making very good money. However, they still need to get their home ready for sale. Depending on how much it may be time to start getting ready soon.
For example, if you need to paint your house, do repairs, and stage it appropriately that could take you a month. That means you need to get started on the work by mid August to be on the market for mid September. That means in the next week or two you should have a professional in to start looking at your options. What do you need to do to maximize the money you get for your home?
Even though the market is incredible hot in Aurora right now that doesn’t mean you should just list your home for sale in as is condition all the time. It will still sell in almost any condition but the better condition the more you can make. Speak to an expert.


Welcome to 598 Heddle Crescent in Newmarket

Welcome to 598 Heddle Crescent in Newmarket

598 Heddle Crescent in Newmarket is the type of home that people dream about buying.  It has everything you need. Its currently listed for sale at $749,888. If you want more details and photos you can check out its page by clicking here.
598 Heddle Crescent is in a great location that is only getting better. Its just over the border of Aurora. An area of Aurora that is improving fast. They are building more and more amenities. Further north on Bayview its the same thing. Grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and more. Everything you want will only be a couple minutes away.
Did we mention that St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course couldn’t be much closer? If you love to golf then you have one of the best public golf courses in Ontario practically at your doorstep. Golf Digest gave St. Andrew’s Valley a Four Star rating. It should be noted that from your doorstep to the clubhouse is a 2-3 minute drive.
Don’t like golf? There are dog parks, walking trails, great schools, Audrie Sanderson Park, and more. This is the type of neighbourhood that you can enjoy living in. That you can be easily raise a family in.
Buying a home is more than just buying the interior. You’re buying the neighbourhood. You’re buying the lifestyle that comes with the area. With that being said, make sure you check out the interior of this home. It’s beautiful. It has everything you want in a house. Its an open concept home with hardwood floors. It also has a finished basement.
The house itself and the neighbourhood it sits in is beautiful. We do not expect this to last long on the market. Homes like this, at this price point, in markets like this, rarely do. If by the time you reach out its already sold and you want a home like it then just let us know. We can help make that happen too.
You can reach out anytime at
Speak soon!
What Does List Price Mean?

It used to be that when a home was listed for sale, it usually sold around that price. The list price is the price you go to market with. It’s what you hoped to get for your home. The starting point for negotiations. A prospective buyer would submit an offer and you’d go back and forth and usually settle somewhere under the price you listed at.

These days, in this crazy market, we are hearing of homes selling well above the list price. Just recently there was a home in Richmond Hill that sold for almost a million dollars over asking. In the Aurora real estate market, while homes have not yet been sold a million over asking, they have been sold for hundreds of thousands over the list price.
What does list price mean now then in Aurora? It changes from house to house. Sometimes its priced artificially low to induce a bidding war to get people to bid high over the list price. Sometimes its priced at where comparable properties have sold.
The list price is determined by the listing agent and the home owner. Sometimes they want a bidding war so they price it much lower than what homes have sold for in Aurora. This can get more bidders and the more bidders the more likely it is someone is going to bid high t get the home they want.
Other times, its priced at where comparable properties have sold for. These can still end up selling well above the asking price. While even a year or two ago in Aurora most agents could tell you before it sold what it would likely sell for, that is a much harder guess to make now.
The list price has now basically become a starting point. Only those who price it unrealistically high are seeing their homes sell below the asking point. Well, so are many who are selling themselves as well but that’s the topic of a whole other blog post. The state of the  Aurora real estate market has changed the tactics behind list price.
If you see a home listed at a price that seems too good to be true, nowadays it probably is. Speak to a professional, we can often tell you how far of it is. For example, a home recently listed near $825,000 , we knew it would sell over $900,000. It sold for less than $950,000. While judging what its likely to sell for based on list price isn’t as easy as it once was, you can still get a rough idea.