Do you want to sell your home?

Do you want to sell your home in Aurora this year?
Homes are being sold in Aurora well over asking price. We’re setting records as new sales happen. The market has not been this hot in a long time. If you’ve thought about selling your home now is one of the best times in years.
This is especially true for those who are downsizing or moving out of the market. If you’re moving up to a bigger home in Aurora than you are not at a big advantage. You should only do that when you’re ready to move. If you’re moving to a smaller home or a marketplace with a different price point then you could come out way ahead.
No one knows how long this historic rise in home prices will last. It could continue to rise for months, years, decades, etc… or it could level off or fall tomorrow. If you’ve thought about selling and want to get a lot for your home now is the opportunity.
Now is a great time. A lot of families want to move during the summer months so that they’re children can be in the new home and settled before the end of the school year. This means that many of them will even start getting ready to pay a premium to ensure they are in before September.
Add the hot market to the amount of buyers hoping to be in before the school year and you have a recipe for potentially even higher prices. None of this is a guarantee though. You won’t know what your home will sell for until its on the market and people are coming through.
If you want to sell your home this year then one of the best times to do it is now. If you’re home will not be ready to be on the market before mid-July though then it may be better to wait until the fall after that. August is usually the second slowest month besides December. We can look at your specific situation though and make a decision.
What’s Your “I’d Sell For That” Price?


What's Your

Have you ever wanted to find out what your neighbours house sold for? It’s a very common question. Every wants to know. While some are just curious, a lot of people have a number in their head. That number is what it would take to get them to move. The number that says “I’d sell for that”. Do you have a number ?
With how hot the real estate market in Aurora has been the past few years its very possible its nearing that number. The market is also seeing a lack of listings on the market. With this lack of homes for sale its driving prices even higher. A lot of people are waiting to buy a home before they put theirs on the market. It’s a cycle that requires some people to take a leap of faith and list their home.
If you have a number in mind, send us an email and let us know what it is, when home prices in your area get to a point where its realistic, we can reach out to you. If it gets close and we have a buyer we can reach out then too. No more wondering what the neighbours house sold for to find out if its time for you to sell or not. When its at that time that you may want to sell we’ll be in touch.
With so many buyers missing out on properties due to bidding wars, they’ll often pay a premium to get a home thats “off-market”. By letting us know your number we can come to you with potential deals without you even having to list your home for sale on the market. That could save you a lot of stress. If the deal comes together at a fair market price then its good for everybody. If not, you do not have to go through a ton of showings and keeping your home in ready to show state all the time.
If you want to sell when home prices in your area reach a certain price point then reach out to us. We will keep your information saved and ready when either prices hit your number or a buyer who may be willing to pay it come around.
A Note from the Owners: 27 Murdock Avenue

A Note from the Owners: 27 Murdock Avenue

We’ve recently listed a home for sale at 27 Murdock Avenue in Aurora. It’s definitely one worth checking out. It’s an incredibly warm and inviting home that has been tastefully upgraded. You can see the pictures or read the write up on any number of sites though. What you can’t do anywhere is get a note from the owners themselves. This is information you can’t get anywhere else about 27 Murdock Avenue. The Aurora real estate market is hot and this property probably won’t last too long.
Below is a note directly from the owners of 27 Murdock Avenue!
Why did you buy this home?
The Size, curb appeal, proximity to school, quiet street, and abundance of golf courses
If you like to golf Aurora is a great place to live. You do get an abundance of golf courses and you also get to be in one of the quieter neighbourhoods in town. Not to mention its in walking distance to several schools.
What will you miss the most?
The Quietness!
One of the things that often draws people to the suburbs is the peace and quiet. You definitely get a lot of that at 27 Murdock Ave. Its a quiet street off of McLead Drive in an area that does not see a lot of traffic.
What are the Top 3 Benefits of living in your Neighbourhood?
The proximity to school, access to parks, and walking trails.
Have you been through the walking trails in the North West end of Aurora? You have kilometres of walking trails that wind through the forests inside the neighbourhood. If you have dogs especially this will be the perfect bonus!
What would you like to say to whoever buys your home?
You will enjoy it and you have great neighbours
If you’d like to check this home out for yourself just reach out and we’d be happy to show it to you.
A Note from the Owners: 1079 Secretariate Road

A Note from the Owners: 1079 Secretariate Road

Welcome to 1079 Secretariate Road. A spacious home in the Stonehaven neighbourhood of Newmarket.  It’s a beautiful home ready for you to move in. You can easily find information about this home by checking out the listing itself here.
We want the owner of 1079 Secretariate Road to tell you a little bit about the home and neighbourhood themselves.
Why did you buy this home?
It was a retirement project. Now that’s a great way to keep busy!
What will you miss the most?
The amount of space will be missed. The kitchen/dinette family room was a great feature. I’ll also really miss the bedroom!
What are the benefits of living in your neighbourhood?
It’s a beautiful environment and its really quiet. 
What would you like to say to whoever buys your home?
If you ever felt crowded before you will love the sheer luxury of space.
Space is one of the big reasons a lot of people end up moving to the suburbs At 1079 Secretariate Road in Newmarket you will have a lot of it. Its located in one of the best and most prestigious neighbourhoods of Newmarket. It’s quiet, has great neighbours, and still close enough to the highway to make for an easier commute if needed.
If you have any questions about this property you click here to email or if you’re on your mobile device right now you can click here to call and our office will help you out.
Why should you hire a REALTOR?

Why should you hire a REALTOR?

You’re intelligent, well informed, and resourceful. You might be thinking that selling your own home is a good way to save money. Before you try selling yourself, consider a couple of questions. If you had cavity, would you treat your tooth yourself or hire a dentist? If you were facing life in prison, would you defend yourself or hire a lawyer?

If you choose to hire a professional in those situations you should hire a REALTOR too. Why trust a huge financial transaction like selling a home to anyone else?

Realtors Can Tap Hidden Information and Resources

Lots of information about the real estate market is available in newspapers and online. There are a variety of factors that are only visible to professionals who work in the market day after day. Through their network they can tap into information no one else can find so easily. To get the price you want, you’ll need the information that REALTORS have that may not be available to you.

Realtors Have Expert Negotiating Skills

Negotiating the price of a home isn’t quite the same as getting a good deal on a used car or television. With large sums of money, people’s fears and anxieties emerge in strange ways. REALTORS have enough experience working with buyers to know what makes them tick. A Realtor will both know what to say and what not to say to get a buyer to move in the direction you want.

Realtors Understand the Complexities of Closing

Selling a home involves a wide range of complex documents. Contracts that need specific information and timing. A single piece of missing or incorrect information can prevent a sale from closing. Even studying the regulations and guidelines is unlikely to give you the knowledge needed. Especially when it comes to inspections, deeds, warranties, contracts, and other documents. A real estate agent can make sure all your papers are in order on your side of the transaction. There’s no price you can put on your peace of mind during escrow.

No matter the type of home you’re selling, a REALTOR will provide you with support and guidance. Support and guidance that isn’t available from any book, magazine, or Google search. Realtors operate on a strict code of ethics that you can trust.

How to Sell Your Home During the Winter

How to Sell Your Home During the Winter

Technology has changed every industry and this includes real estate. Developments in real estate software have made it much faster, accurate and efficient. The Internet has also been influential in the transaction process.

Leveraging technology is the best way to sell a house especially in the winter. This is when potential buyers are not likely to brave snow and chilly conditions to view property.

How do you sell a house in the winter?

A strategic way to find a buyer in winter is to showcase property online. The Internet has billions of users. You can find a buyer from almost any part of the world. Thanks to technology, clients can take virtual tours of a house and even neighbourhood. They can visit every room and get a real look and feel for your house. These tactics  give you a much higher chance of selling the property.

When looking for a buyer you want to cast the net as wide as possible. With social media and the Internet in general you can reach potential buyers from out of town. Online marketing will give you near unlimited reach. With great presentation and good creative,  you can catch the attention of anybody. We’ve sold homes to people who never saw the home in person!

Another way to find buyers is to get your house show ready for the season. Start a fire, have hot chocolate (Maybe leave the Bailey’s out for now!) for guests to enjoy and add other touches that make your home a cozy haven of style and comfort.

The final strategy to adopt is to make use of social media creatively. After getting your house in its best form, take good photos and post them on social media. It’s not just about getting it on social media though. You have to get it in front of the right audience and that’s where you take advantage of Facebook ad targeting! That’s another way to show your house and get people sharing about it. You might just find your buyer on social media.

How to Leverage Real Estate to Become a Millionaire

How to Leverage Real Estate to Become a Millionaire

With over 80% of millionaires becoming so by owning real estate its important to understand how. Retiring a millionaire is easier than most people realize but it takes time, patience, and a clear strategy. It’s never too late to start but ultimately the earlier you start the better.
You can start by going small. If you haven’t bought a house before then now is the time to start. Do it strategically though. With your current lifestyle are you able to live in the basement and rent out upstairs? That will help you live with a reduced or almost zero mortgage. If you live upstairs and have someone living in the basement then the you can get a good portion of your mortgage paid by a tenant. That extra money you are saving can go entirely towards paying down your house faster.
As you build equity in your property then you can move to the next step of leveraging real estate to become a millionaire. Go speak to your bank or mortgage broker, and they can give you the details of using the equity in your home to help you purchase a second property. This property you can rent out entirely, paying it down even faster since you can either charge more for renting the entire home or have two different tenants.
As the equity builds in that home, and the one you currently live in, you’ll be able to leverage the equity in both of them and buy a third property quicker than the second. This process will then repeat itself over and over, theoretically becoming faster each time until you can buy your next income producing property. Do this for long enough and not only will you have built up enough equity in your properties to warrant the “millionaire” status but the income could eventually lead to you making more money off your properties than your regular job. You may even be able to retire early if you want.
Keep in mind that this is not a quick process. This will take years, probably even decades. It’s not a get rick quick scheme. It’s a slow build to gain the equity that you need. It takes a lot of time, patience, and determination. You need to continually save as much money as you can so you can keep paying down your home. This may mean that you need to skip eating out, skip the odd vacation. It will affect your lifestyle. That’s a decision you need to make. Down the road though you may be able to live a better life than imagined.
If you to want to make money now in real estate and get some quick cash then you can go the higher risk method of flipping properties. So buy a home, renovate it, and sell it for more. This is a much riskier method to produce money off of real estate but when done correctly can net you a lot of money quickly. That is a topic for another blog post though.
What’s the Difference between a Fixture and Chattel?

What's the Difference between a Fixture and Chattel?

You’re browsing homes for sale in Aurora on your computer or maybe you’re writing an offer, you come across the terms fixture and chattel. Do you know what they are? Its important to understand the difference when you are trying to buy a home in this hot real estate market we currently find ourselves in.
Fixtures and Chattels have led to many an argument and in some instances even lawsuits when buying a home. When buying or selling a home the fixtures excluded and the chattels included should be clearly outlined.
Fixtures are what the name implies. Anything that is fixed to the property. If its fixed to the property it is assumed to be included in the sale of the home. An easy way to decide if something is a fixture is to imagine turning your home upside down, if it stays in place its a fixture.
It’s not always as simple as that but that at a base level is a good starting point. If you are unsure if its a fixture or not it can be better to list it as included or excluded specifically. When in doubt, put it in writing!
For example, many kitchen islands aren’t affixed to the home but its safe to say for many that its assumed they are. Most of the time, whether a kitchen island is fixed or not, its assumed its in the sale. It has happened where someone has taken an island after the sale has closed saying that its not a fixture. Then the lawyers get involved and then nobody is having fun anymore!
Chattels are the opposite of fixtures. Its items that are in the house that are not fixed to it. When buying a home this is where the appliances are usually listed if they are going to be included in the purchase. In the Aurora real estate market it is standard to include all the appliances but they do have to be listed.
Anything you want to be included in the sale of the home must be listed in the offer. If not, the seller will have every right to take it with them. If you’re a seller, we highly recommend removing any chattels you want to bring with you if you’re absolutely not willing to leave it behind in the sale.
Chattels and Fixtures can be points of contention in a sale. To keep the home buying and selling process smooth its better.
Buying your first home?

Buying your first home?

Do you want to buy your first home? Due to popular demand we are doing another first time home buyer seminar. We bring together experts in the home buying process to show you every step. From a mortgage specialist with RBC, to a real estate lawyer, and us; you get to learn from the experts.
We’ll get you started from the first step of learning how to find out how much you can afford, to searching for homes the right way, pros & cons of hiring a real estate agent, and everything about the legal side of the process.
You’ll have Stef Edwards who is an RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist. She has a lot of experience, especially with  first time home buyers, and is well versed in the topic. You’ll find out about the different financing and programs available to you when buying your first home.
The Aurora real estate market is incredibly competitive lately. It’s important to make the right decisions. That’s why we’ve put this seminar together. We thought this would be incredibly valuable for those thinking about it. On one hand its nice to give back but its not entirely a selfless act. Usually a couple people from these events end up working with us. So its not entirely selfless!
One of the most popular parts of these seminars too is Dorotea Smolarkiewicz. She’s a real estate lawyer who owns the DKS Law Firm. She’s an incredibly bright lawyer with more than 15 years of experience.
Our next event is coming up soon!
When? Thursday May 26th at 7:00pm (until approximately 8:30pm – depending on how many questions you ask!)
Where? 15004 Yonge Street, Aurora. It’s the RE/MAX Hallmark York Group Office. The big blue house!
Cost? FREE!
Is it worth it? Obviously. Not that we’re biased or anything.
Want to sign up? Visit or use the button below to register.

Click Here to Register

A Note from the Owners: 3 Lougheed Court

A Note from the Owners: 3 Lougheed Court

Another beautiful home in Aurora hit the market today. This one probably won’t last too long. Homes are being listed for sale in Aurora and then that sold sign is going up fast! You have to move quick if you’re looking to buy a home, especially one in a neighbourhood like this. It presents a great opportunity for those who want a piece of Aurora real estate.
Why did you buy this home?
The Town of Aurora, the neighbourhood, and proximity to GTA.
What will you miss the most?
Our Neighbours!
What are the top 3 benefits of living in your neighbourhood?
It’s Quiet, safe, and has a strong sense of community.
What would you like to see to whoever buys your home?
We hope you enjoy our home as much we did!
So what do you think? Sounds like its not just the home thats great. It’s the people that live in the community that truly make it feel like home. That’s what you want out of a house, you want it to come with a sense of community.
Not to mention its a quiet court in a really safe area. The perfect place to have your family. You can buy this home, move in, and enjoy!
If you want more information or want to book a showing just click the button below and we’ll get you in!