A question we often get asked by home owners is “When is the best time to sell our house?” This is a question that many Real Estate Agents try to answer time and time again. They analyze pricing charts, historical data, and so much more. They will tell you what month to list and sometimes even the day. However, they are over complicating the situation. There is actually a much easier answer to “When is the best time to sell our house?”.

The absolute best time to sell your house is whenever works the best for you. Here in the GTA we have seen an unprecedented rise in prices the past 15 years and they keep rising month over month. Will that eventually change? Without a doubt. When will that be? No one knows, many will guess, many will proclaim the end is near, but no one knows. Will that change be a huge drop in prices or will it just be prices plateauing and staying where they are for several years? If anyone knew the future they could make millions. No one knows for sure so you have to do whats best for you and your family.

Do you want to sell your home and move into a new one during the summer months so you don’t disrupt the school year? Or do you want to sell and buy before the summer so you can still enjoy a nice summer at the cottage? You have to look at your own personal situation and figure out when the best time to sell your home is. That’s really as simple as it is. Once you decide that you want to be in a house by a certain date then we can start looking at listing your home for sale at a specific time but its still what works best for you.

What if you have no specific timeline as to when you need to sell but want to get the most money possible by selling your home? Then its best to list sooner rather than later. No one knows what changes are coming in the future so if you are just looking to get the highest possible price its better to list now since we know what prices are. Most experts predict that the prices of homes for sale will rise for the foreseeable future but ultimately they are just educated guesses. If you want to ensure you get the most then list now to ensure you get it. Sure you may be leaving money on the table if the market rises and you could be kicking yourself for selling too soon. Look at the other side though, what if you try to wait a year and the market crashes and now you’ve lost even more? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

So when you are trying to decide the best time to sell your home in Aurora, Newmarket, or any other part of the Greater Toronto Area, you need to sell its most convenient for you. Make the home sale fit your lifestyle so that it offers the least disruption possible since a move is a lot of work and can cause so much disruption already.

If you’d like some help trying to determine when the best time for you and your family to sell your home is then feel free to leave a comment, pick up the phone and call us, or send us e-mail and we can help you if you aren’t sure.

Escape the city and live the dream in Napanee with this great opportunity at 2159 County Road 9. You can live, work, and play for a great price. It doesn’t get much better than this. Have you ever wanted to work while overlooking the water? Then, when you’re done working, walk down to the dock with a glass of wine and watch the sunset? This is the perfect home for just that.

For starters, you can live in a Century Home by the road that has four bedrooms and one bathroom. This year round home can serve you and your family well. It’s a beautiful home with lots of character that you can customize to your taste if you want. You can also leave it as is and move in and enjoy!

What’s the worst part about owning a cottage? The commute! No one likes being stuck in traffic for hours and hours to spend a weekend at the cottage. With the summer cottage by the lake on this property you can just walk out of your main house and walk over to your cottage. No traffic and a quiet relaxing stay at the cottage is yours! It’s 800 square feet and you can have your summer getaway without actually having to get away.

Another great feature of 2159 County Road 9 is that you also don’t have to drive to a shop to work at. There’s a 1,000 square foot workshop on site for you to do just that. If you’re already living and playing at a gorgeous location, why not do your work there too? It’s a great option for taking up a new hobby too!

This property is 105 feet by 236.5 feet and has everything you need on site. You can live work and play all right here. Sit on the 40’ dock or even just walk right into the lake with the convenient walk-in lakefront. You won’t find too many options like this one. It’s a great spot that is waiting for a new owner to enjoy it as much as the previous ones.

All of this at 2159 County Road 9 is available for only $259,000 so come check it out for yourself and see if its the right fit for you and your family. If you want to see more pictures, request more information, or book a showing then click here and go to the listing page on our site.

Why you get asked to sign in at Open Houses

Why you get asked to sign in at Open Houses

When you are thinking of buying a home it is common practice to have to sign in at Open Houses. This is for a couple reasons that I want to talk about. It’s important to know the different reasons.
This is one of the most important reasons for requiring visitors to sign in at open houses. While it doesn’t happen often it still does from time to time where people use an Open House as an opportunity to steal homeowner belongings. Some agents go as far as to require ID to come through an Open House and others just ask for names and contact information which could be fake but its a start.
A real estate agent hosting an open house can also be left in a vulnerable position. In an empty home, often alone, all little steps to improve safety and security can be and are justified.
Selling the Home
This is the main goal of an open house. To sell the home that is for sale. If you want to come into somebody’s private home and take a look around you should be prepared to leave your contact information. It’s a small price to pay for going through someones home. It’s not a right to go through an open house. People have taken the time and effort to get their home ready for sale, they kept it clean, and then they packed up their whole family and left for the open house.
By gathering your contact information the real estate agent is able to keep you up to date on the status of the home or any others that may come on the market that are similar. If you don’t want them to follow up with you then check the box asking not to be followed up with.
When you go through an open house, some will ask for formal ID, others will just ask you to sign in. Some may be on paper or on the iPad but whether its for security or to help sell the home, you will most often have to give your contact information. Now look at it from the other side, if you were the one selling your home, wouldn’t you want to know who was coming through

That for sale sign has gone up on your home, and its time to start hosting some Open Houses to attract buyers to your home. Despite some differing opinions on the matter, open houses remain a very effective way to expose your property to potential buyers, and a lot of deals are happening as a result of successful open houses. Showcasing your home to potential home buyers however, is both emotional and a little nerve wrecking at the same time because strangers will now walk through the space you call your home and will try to envision it as their own.

So how can we make sure that your home for sale is set up so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible:

1) Maximize the Space – This may be a very obvious one, but it’s more important than we may think. When potential buyers are visiting your home, they base their opinions largely on first impressions. Luckily for us, these can be controlled for the most part. Sift through your belongings, and take a minimalistic approach when it comes to showcasing them. Storing items such as your extra towels, toiletries, books, shoes and anything else lying around should be temporarily hidden away inside storage boxes or inside cabinets.

2) De-Personalize – Your wedding portrait, kid’s graduation pictures, posters of your favourite boy band and your dogs paw prints all are better to be replaced or removed until the sale has been completed.. When a space is too personal, buyers often feel like they are in someone else’s space as opposed to being in their next home. Also, you don’t want to distract any visitors with any items that are too personal. If you want to see how to de-personalize go find a new neighbourhood and walk through a model home to see how they set them up.

3) Curb Appeal – This is a big bonus when it comes to selling your home. If visitors are impressed with how well you’ve kept up the front of your property, they will walk in much happier! Just make sure all the garbage bins and any obstructions from the entrance are also removed to allow easy access into the home. If it’s wintertime, ensure that your driveways are shovelled so that they can have easy access to your home.

Bonus tip: If your property is vacant, you may seriously want to consider investing in some staging. Many people lack the imagination and are unable to envision an empty space as a cozy home for their family. Research shows, that a larger portion of the impression your home makes is based on decor than it is on layout and size of a room. A good stager will be able to guide you on the best design for your home in order to make sure people can see the potential it has to offer.

Thank You for 2015!

We wanted to send a big thank you out to all of your clients for their decision to hire us to help them buy and sell homes in Aurora during 2015. We have our stats in and its official, based on volume of the homes sold in Aurora we moved up to #2 overall!  Not bad for a team of only two!

The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), which Aurora is included in, has approximately 44,000 registered agents. Out of all those agents, we ranked 129 overall for “units” sold in 2015. It’s a tremendous honour that our clients put this level of trust in us to help them.
We like to think our commitment to getting homes sold fast and for as much as possible has helped us a great deal. It’s not about getting us more exposure as agents, 100% of the focus is whats best for our clients and that has led us to our best year yet!
This commitment has led us to have an average of only 13.5 days on market for properties we listed for sale. That means, on average, our clients homes were sold in less than two weeks. That means only two weeks of constant disruptions from people booking showings. Only two weeks of constantly having to keep your home perfectly clean. It allows for a lot less stress in our clients lives.
To sell quickly some will try to sell a property for less than it was worth. We didn’t want to do this. We still want our clients to get as much money for the home as possible. So we did what we do best, we marketed the home. We also knew that aren’t as tech savvy as possible so we hired a professional digital marketer that helps us maximize online exposure for all of our listings. So not only did our homes sell quickly but we also sold them for an average of 101% of the list price. That means that when we listed a home for sale at a certain price, we usually got them 1% more. One home we even sold for 140% of the list price. To show the other end the lowest a home sold for was 94% of the list price.
Thank you again to all our clients for helping us make 2015 our best year yet.
If you’d like to consider working with us in 2016 we’d be happy to sit down and show you why our methods work so well. Use the button below to book a free consultation!